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Roleplay in character king of the hill contest winner of the week

the winner of the contest is posted here with the rp sim she is rping at currently

this weeks king of the hill winner is


rp name
sl name
Jesie Sorbet

Sim name where you roleplay:
~Sarah's Magic Kingdom & Disney Museum

what is their tp link
The go button will take you  to the tp link

what character do you play in that sim
~Princess Merida, Tinker Bell, & Princess Anna


what do you love about this roleplay sim?
~It's Disney of course! I really like meeting and interacting with people from all over the SL & RL world. Every time I'm here there is someone new - kids to adults - and everyone is always excited to see a Disney character! Think you have what it takes to be an SMK character? IM Jafar.Tarantal for an application.


other notes -
~Sarah's Magic Kingdom - or "SMK" - is a Disney based sim situated in the Toyah region of the four conjoined regions known as O'Hare's Gap. SMK was SL's FIRST Disney theme sim.


Rides & Attractions:
The Haunted Mansion
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride,
Peter Pan's Flight
Pirates of the Caribbean

Visit the theme shops on Vendor Alley.

"House of Dis Tunes" - Pose in scenes with stand ups of you favorite characters from Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Moana, Frozen, Tangled, & The Little Mermaid.

The Castle is a museum showcasing everything Disney. There are numerous photos to view and even a movie to watch! There's even a wing dedicated to "Mouse World" - which was SL's greatest Disney sim but no longer exists.

Main Street Electrical Parade followed by "Wishes" fireworks every hour on the hour.

And, best of all, Live character role play! Join the SMK group to receive notices when characters are present! We also hold themed events in the Mouse World Memorial Hall.

Also, take a ride down the lift and visit the adjoining Irish town of O'Hare's Gap, where the creator, Miss Sarah Sandalwood lives and plays!

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